Is Your Enterprise Online Yet?
What modern business is not on the internet?

The modern economy was never as dependent on connectivity as it is during these times.

In the past, there have been two common reasons that discouraged or even prevented companies to go online: the first is the cost associated with the acquisition and implementation of the technologies, and the second is the lack or absence of skills that company personnel must possess to undergo the process.

Now with ELOSOFT those reasons no longer hold. We make software that is simple and easily affordable.
Tailored to Your Industry
Most businesses share some set of common core processes. We have available software modules for these. From these existing modules we customize features and functions according to your industry's peculiarities.
Modular Based on Your Needs
Gone are the days of procuring a big monolithic software at a cost not unlike a capital investment only to remain unused for the most part. Instead, you now get to choose which modules you need and will make use of immediately, and you only pay for these.
Pay as You Go
You pay only according to your usage as determined by the number of users and the size of the disk you occupy. No more, no less. Nothing complicated.
ERP. Accounting. Payroll. HRIS. SCM. CRM. Corporate Websites.
Choose from our comprehensive business catalog.
Or have one customized for your enterprise.
ELOSOFT, Inc. is a software solutions provider delivering off-the-shelf and customized products.
We aim to provide every business with software that will make the enterprise grow faster and most efficiently. This, we believe, can only be achieved if technology is made to contribute to, if not enforce, the adoption of operation excellence that makes any product and/or service deliverable at the least possible cost without sacrificing quality.

We develop software that are designed for different industries, so users will not have to adjust to some generic setup.

That is how we make our software simple.
ELOSOFT, Inc. is a private corporation duly registered under Philippine laws.
ELOSOFT, Inc. holds offices at the 12th flr of G.E. Antonino, Bldg., Kalaw Ave. cor. Bocobo St., Ermita, Manila.
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