Enterprise Systems Designed for Maritime

Developed in strict collaboration with real-world industry practitioners, and tested by globally recognized institutions, our maritime specific enterprise solutions ensure compliance to recognized standards and best practices.


Web and Mobile Applications

Our maritime targetted solutions are each composed of a web based application and a mobile application. The administrators, usually MHEI authorities or company representatives, make use of the web application while the students work on the mobile application.

Maritime Systems
MINERVA Learning Management System

MINERVA is a web application with companion mobile app that provides the comprehensive solution for students and academic institutions from enrollment to graduation.

The web application covers the major processes of a university with features that are unique to maritime institutions, while the mobile companion provides anytime anywhere access to learning materials for students.

MINERVA facilitates outcomes-based education by providing course setup that identifies each topic with STCW specification. All contents are centralized, ensuring standardization across the entire program and consistency of delivery of each course.

Maritime Systems
e-CADET - Electronic Training Record Book

eCADET consists of two applications, a mobile app and a web app. The mobile app is intended to be used by cadets and officers, while the web app includes features that are meant for system administrators and other parties who may not be interested in the details included for day to day use.

As far as the daily records updating are concerned, the two applications work in sync and either can be used alone or in combination with the other. The only requirement for synchronization is that the mobile app gets connected to the internet.

eCADET is offered on a subscription arrangement. A subscriber is an institution that will be responsible for maintaining the access to and use of any or all parts of the system. A separate and dedicated setup is assigned to each subscriber, being in a different virtual host with its own database and cloud storage.

Maritime Systems
Student Activity Monitoring (SAM)

Maritime students are required to accomplish a specific set of activities as part of the requirements for the completion of their academic and on board training. The school must monitor the individual and batch progress for purposes of making any necessary adjustment in time. This crewing monitoring system will greatly simplify this otherwise time consuming task by centralizing the updates in one location and automating the generation of the required statistics for reporting.


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