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ELOSOFT To Provide Real-world App Development Training to College Students

Written by: Jet Eloriaga
Posted Aug 20, 2022

Manila, August 24, 2022. ELOSOFT sets up to open its doors to accomodate on-the-job training of college students who are taking up courses related to software development. Training will consist in online instruction on the use of its proprietary framework, discussion of the application the trainee will be involved in, and quick walk-through of the development process as practiced by ELOSOFT.

Although ELOSOFT outsources some of its projects to highly skilled professionals on a regular basis, many tasks that need to be done which are part of the development require only those beginner skills that college students typically already possess. Hence, this move. Of course, it goes without saying this is to reduce the cost of development as well.

To assure its existing clients that no data or information belonging to them will be shared to any of these would-be trainees, ELOSOFT has laid out the following constraints to dictate the development process whenever on-the-job trainees will be involved.

  • Any piece of information that may uniquely identify the client cannot be included in any of the document to be given to the trainee.
  • No complete set of source codes will be shared to the trainee, only the relevant libraries and files.
  • No access to the live application or to the hosting provider will be given to any of the trainees.

Successful applicants to this venture will be paid per hour and may be given official certification as well if requested and subject to the number of hours completed.

In connection with this initiative, ELOSOFT is currently identifying schools that may be interested in this opportunity.

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