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Norwegian Training Center (NTC) Teams Up with ELOSOFT

Written by: Jet Eloriaga
Posted Mar 25, 2021
Manila, Nov 9, 2020

Globally recognized Norwegian Training Center (NTC) signed an agreement with ELOSOFT to undertake the pilot testing of the latter's mobile and web based Electronic Record Book (ETRB).

Cadets of NTC make use of the newly developed ETRB in its Android version while NTC officers and administrators monitor their progress via the online web application.

ETRB is a product of ELOSOFT that allows for different sets of tasks, such as the Global MET and ISF variants. The ETRB in use by NTC is pre-installed with its own proprietary set of tasks.

The non-profit organization Training Resources and Management Foundation, Inc. (TRMF) sponsored the provision of Android tablets that the cadets will be using.
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