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Using Software to Enable Control

Written by: Jet Eloriaga
Posted Feb 16, 2022
Image by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay
Controlling the various activities of the components of an organization towards the achievement of its goals is an essential function of management. Software has many ways to enable or even enforce controls even up to a point where it would not even require active monitoring. Alerts can be triggered and notifications can be sent automatically to responsible parties whenever an event that requires action has taken place.

As far as the timing with the processes where controls are placed, there are three possible options. The proactive approach attempts to prevent the problems so the controls are put ahead of the production of the goods or the delivery of the services.This is called feed forward control. Concurrent control, as the term suggests, works with ongoing processes. They are placed along the assembly lines or interspersed with the steps within the process flow. Finally feedback control makes use of evaluation of completed products and delivered services to improve on future outputs.

As an example of enforcing feed forward control with the use of software, standard or acceptable values may be set up for specifications of raw materials of a product. These standards are then checked for automatically say prior to preparing a purchase order.

A concurrent control can be effected by a software application that measures critical values as they are obtained in the assembly line, again possibly automating the discarding of parts that fail to meet the standards.

Lastly a feedback control system can be assisted with a software application that provides a mechanism for obtaining feedback from whom and from where it matters. More importantly the analysis of all feedback so obtained can be greatly simplified and made most efficient.
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