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ELOSOFT Hires Student Pentesters

Written by: Jet Eloriaga
Posted Jan 16, 2021
ELOSOFT recently hired a student from the Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISATU) to do regular basic penetration testing on all its web applications in an effort to enforce better development by its in-house and outsourced developers.

SQL injection, SQLI, is a rather common way to attack web applications and its variations have been evolving almost at the same time that development tools have been improving. Mr. Kent Apostol was initially working alone to do regular tests on specifically this vulnerability on any of the sites maintained by ELOSOFT. He has since been assisted by colleague Mr. Glenny Dacumos, also hailing from the same university.

Apostol was successful in hacking one of the less busier sites using SQLI and has therefore provided the developers with the needed fix.

Since new security flaws and vulnerabilities will always be discovered and exploited, it goes without saying an online solutions provider must of necessity keep its software constantly updated as well.
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