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ELOSOFT Develops Own Learning Management Solution

Written by: Jet Eloriaga
Posted Sep 06, 2022

Manila, Sept 7, 2022. ELOSOFT, with expert collaboration of maritime industry experts, funded by Training Resources Management Foundation (TRMF), has recently developed its very own Learning Management Solution (LMS), aptly named Minerva, after the Greek goddess of wisdom.

Starting as an offshoot of ELOSOFT's yet-to-be launched LMS,, Minerva has since been customized to adapt to the many peculiarities of maritime higher education, most critical of which being compliance to CHED and MARINA specifications. As such, Minerva is not at all yet another LMS to add to the already overcrowded market. On top of this, Minerva boasts of its being the only LMS that comes preloaded with contents for maritime education.

As to the contents, both real-world practitioners and academic personnel were tapped and led by CE Romeo C. Luzuriaga, Ph.D. to ensure accuracy, reliability and relevance.

As to what functions and features to include, as far as maritime specifics, much has been implemented after getting feedback from the institutions to which Minerva was demonstrated in its earliest versions.

Promotion of Minerva has been going on for at least a year as of this writing, mostly with no less than the TRMF and ELOSOFT management people themselves doing personal visits to the maritime colleges and universities to showcase via live demonstration its key differentiating functions and features.

Taking advantage of a no-risk free trial offer for as much as two semesters, the following schools have signed a MOA with TRMF to begin their next academic year using Minerva. Davao Merchant Maritime Academy (DMMA), Isabela College of Arts and Technology (ICAT), University of Perpetual Help System (UPHS), Baliwag Marine Academy (BMA), Misamis Institute of Technology (MIT), Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology (OLTIT) and Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation (MPCF). Each of these academic institutions has been given its own separate setup on its own dedicated domain.

For further information on Minerva, its official site provides detailed listing of its features and functions.

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